Contact Investigation

Private investigation firm for companies and individuals



You have doubts about the truthfulness of your employee's disability insurance claims (CNESST, private insurance)
Doubts about compliance with non-compete and/or with respect to non-disclosure agreement?
Want to know if your employee is actually doing his job as requested or to see how well he represents your company outside your office or while traveling for the company?
Whether you are a company or an individual, Contact Investigation’s team of shadowing experts will make your doubts. 


Whether it's for time theft, internal theft, misrepresentation, suspicious incidents, declaration or other types of investigations, Contact Investigation’s team of experienced investigators will be able to shed light on your questions. 


Want to find a person or a company to make them mean? You want to execute a judgment in order to be able to seize a salary,  their bank account or both at once?  

Our teams of researchers, investigators and partners in collection and bailiffs will be able to carry out your mandates in a fast and efficient way.

Undercover operations

Do you have bullying problems?

Employees selling or using drugs during working hours?

Are you having problems with a small group of employees that are hurting your business?

Want to get a head start in the renewal of a collective agreement?

Pre employement / rent

The old saying '' better prevent than cure '' applies to this service.  

Nowadays, it is easy and affordable to know who you « really » hire or what type of tenant you rent your accommodation to. Contact Investigation’s team will conduct an investigation for you to verify references, credit, criminal and civil history, the veracity of their diplomas and much more.

This service will save you time, money and a lot of hassle.

Cyber investigation

Do you believe that your company is the victim of time theft from an employee?

That your computer network is infiltrated? Have you lost important data? Do you think that your employees can use a computer gap?

Are you receiving email threats?

Contact Investigation's team of cyber investigators and technicians can help.


Contact Investigation Québec is a private investigation firm made up of civilians and former police officers of SPVQ, SQ and RCMP. Our team perfectly combines the experience, dynamism and youth. We are on the cutting edge of technology in surveillance and intelligence.

Whatever your needs or problems, we will find the solution. Whether fraud or theft within your company, and fraudulent claims of abuse by your employee or partner, sales or drug use on the workplace , stop tormenting yourself and be proactive. Contact Investigation Quebec offers a wide range of services, whether for pre-employment, spinning or investigation. We are a great asset for investors that require extensive research in the field of credit and assets.
Our partners are located around the globe and are able to provide criminal records in almost every country of the world. Our team of investigators and spinners is experienced and very efficient, they show great adaptability in different situations. They will be able to accumulate the evidence necessary to confront a suspect and allowing you to initiate judicial proceedings.

Our clients are financial institutions, crown corporations, private businesses, insurance companies, law offices and individuals.

In addition, we are registered with the Office of the Private Security and have all the necessary permits and the expertise to carry out your investigations, and that, at the height of your expectations.

Contact Investigation guarantees the highest level of confidentiality, and throughout the investigation, we keep you informed with the developments.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.